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What will be the conditions to activate the Meta Force Royalty NFT ?

When the Meta Force NFT program is launched, you will need to buy or activate at least 5 levels in the CLASSIC program. You can join Meta Force Classic here - https://meta-force.com/blog/step-by-step-guide-to-join-meta-force

I repeat, only when the Royalty NFT program is released.

This will be the only condition, to have at least 5 or more active levels of the Meta Force CLASSIC program.

So it is advisable to activate these levels!

These Meta Force Royalty NFTs can be pumped with the stable SFC tokens that we receive when we activate the levels or slots or baskets of Meta Force CLASSIC, but only in this first stage, then the only way to pump the NFTs will be with the help of another token called "Energy Token".

Each pumped NFT will allow us to get passive income from royalties based on global turnover in Meta Force.

Each Royalty NFT represents one share.

This means that if you have several NFTs, then you have several shares which will allow you to receive more profit.

Likewise each Meta Force NFT will be able to move up in status and that means that you will be able to get a higher and higher percentage % to the previous status based on the royalties generated by the global turnover.

To upgrade status you will need to merge 3 Royalty NFTs.


- One Meta Force NFT represents one share.

- With a level 1 NFT (ACTIVATOR) we can get a royalty of 10% of the total global turnover.

- With 3 Meta Force NFT level 1 (ACTIVATOR) you will be able to merge it and upgrade to the next status level 2 (SUPERVISOR) which will allow you to get 11% of the global turnover.

- Likewise 3 NFT (SUPERVISOR) will allow you to obtain 1 NFT (MANAGER) which will start generating 12% of the global turnover.

- In the same way following the same dynamic you will continue to move up in status, every 3 Meta Force NFT's can merge and take you to the next level where you will get a higher percentage of royalty based on the global turnover:





At the beginning , for having activated the levels in Meta Force CLASSIC we are going to receive Meta Force NFT with zero energy.

To be able to pump we can do it with the SFC that we receive at the moment of activating the levels or slot of Meta Force CLASSIC.

We need our NFT to reach an energy power equivalent to 3500, as shown in the image.

When it reaches that power of energy, our Meta Force NFT goes from being level zero (0) and becomes NFT level 1 ACTIVATOR state.

When this happens, that our NFT has just become ACTIVATOR NFT, the META FORCE system gives us another NFT of level zero, which we will have to pump in the same way as the first one, until it reaches energy power 3500 and becomes again that second NFT in ACTIVATOR.

It is worth mentioning that each Meta Force ACTIVATOR NFT we have will give us 10% of the royalties based on the global turnover.

And remember, each Meta Force NFT represents 1 share. In this sense, if you manage to have 3 Meta Force NFT's of the ACTIVATOR type, you simply have in your hands 3 shares that will allow you to earn 10% of the global turnover of meta force, that is, you will receive the equivalent of 3 times what corresponds to you (because you have 3 shares).

Following that same dynamic.

When we have 3 level 1 Meta Force NFTs of type ACTIVATOR, you can merge it and this will make it become 1 level 2 NFT of type SUPERVISOR.

With this you will start receiving benefits of 11% of the meta force global turnover.

Taking into account all of the above, the same dynamic is followed. That is, you will constantly be receiving Meta Force Royalty NFT level zero and you will have to pump them to become ACTIVATOR, then when you have 3 NFT you can merge and move to the next status level and that will allow you to earn more percentage of the global turnover.

That's why I mentioned that when you reach MANAGER types Meta Force NFT status you will start getting 12%, and then when you have 3 MANAGER type NFTs you can merge them and they will become PROFESSIONAL MANAGER and that will earn you 13% of the global turnover.

Likewise every 3 NFT you can merge them and it becomes the following STATUS:





That the last STATUS gives 25% of the overall turnover.

The more you advance the less people in those levels or STATES and that means that the less people, the more money that 25% will represent.

Check out the meta force quickstart guide and get started with Meta Force - https://meta-force.com/blog/step-by-step-guide-to-join-meta-force

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