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How to Join in Meta FORCE Any Wallet!

Make sure your wallet is funded with at least 10 DAI and a few Matic for gas fees.

Must be on the Polygon Network!

Step 1 - Copy the Link  https://meta-force.space/r/PimWFm6Llk

Step 2 - Paste the Link in your Dapp browser (Use Trust wallet or Token pocket on phone, or Metamask on Pc)


Step 3 - Tap on Signup now

Step 4 - Connect wallet

Step 5 - Approve your transaction by clicking “Confirm”* to register your ID and wait for transaction to success

Step 6 - After Registration, Select the levels one by one and click on ”ACTIVATE”

All right guys, what’s going on. Here is a short video tutorial to get started with Meta Force. I’m going to share with you exactly how simple easy and fast it is to get started and registered with the meta force classic!

As you can see, we just launched a couple of hours ago and the DAI stable coin payments started to pour in the matrix. The decentralized matrix is working so well and in this video I’m going to show you exactly how to get started. So once you click on the link, you’re going to see this page, which will show you the username, show you the number of partners here and what need to do.

Click on the sign up button and select the wallet. You can select metamask, which is what I use. You can use trust wallet as well, so go ahead and click on the metamask and then I’m going to click on next. It’s connected and now I’m going to click on confirm and now it’s signing up. So this is the first step now in order to activate your slots.

What you need is to have your wallet on the polygon blockchain. You need to have matic for the fees and DAI stablecoin for activating the slots. You can’t get DAI on binance. You can get DAI by exchanging matic that you get essentially using a quick swap exchange. Now it’s important that you also here in metamask, for example, you have it configured on the polygon blockchain and if you don’t have the polygon blockchain, then you simply go to chainlist.org and with your metamask – and you can see here, polygon mainnet and you click on the connect wallet and add the polygon mainnet into your wallet.

Okay, now we see that it is successfully registered, and now I am in in the system, it’s going to show you how much matic you have in the wallet, it’s going to show you how much DAI you have in the wallet and your wallet address. Now the next thing to notice here is the meta force system, so we’re going to click on the classic in the preview and the first slot is going to show up here.

To activate, just click on the activate it’s 5 DAI and you click on proceed and you activate the first slot just like this very, very simple, and you just go like this slot by slot and activate the slots that you want to get started with now refer to the plan of how and the strategy how much you want to get started with whether all twelve slots or nine slots, or six or eight or anything that that you want to get started with.

Then just go like this and activate so you can see this is active. Now you activate slot number two just like this, and that’s it that’s how simple and easy it is to get started with the meta force classic after you upgrade all of the slots like this in this matter to your liking.

Now you can start, of course, you’re part of the matrix, so you can enjoy some spillovers if they come and you can also start building your network, building your team way inside of the meta force. To do that, you simply click on the home and you click on the my link and you can share it with your network. Okay, so there you go, that’s how you get started with the meta force classic.

BEST FORCE TEAM LINK – https://meta-force.space/r/PimWFm6Llk

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