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Best meta force team link I've found : https://meta-force.space/r/PimWFm6Llk

Q: How much is the initial Dai required to start with Meta Force?

A: It’s 5 Dai for level 1 and each subsequent higher level is twice the cost of the previous one and the profit is twice as much

Q: How many slots can I activate with Meta Force at the beginning?

A: As much as you can afford.

Q: After registration, what will I do to earn with Meta Force?

A: By promoting your campaigns, building an active team and expanding your network.

Q: If I don’t refer will I earn?

A: You might earn from any of the s6 matrix you have activated but you can't predict the time and you won't earn as much as the one who is working.

Q: How do I withdraw my earnings from Meta Force and turn it to cash?

A: Your earnings are sent instantly to your wallet and can be converted to cash using any of the crypto exchange app installed on your phone.

Q: What is the least or highest amount of DAI I can earn with Meta Force?

A: There is no minimum or maximum amount you can earn in Meta Force. Your income potential is unlimited. It all depends on your work ethics, level of diligence and effectiveness of your growth strategies.

Q: Will the system crash?

A: Force Smart Contract can never crash. Its built on the Blockchain which is the safest and most secured crypto network in the world.

Q: Will I receive money daily?

A: As long as you earn everyday, you can receive profit everyday. It all depends on your readiness to work hard and work smart too.

Q: Can I withdraw the same day I joined?

A: Yes, you can withdraw from your wallet at any time. You are totally in control of your wallet or earnings.

Q: If I join Meta Force today, when will they pay me?

A: You actually pay yourself. Immediately your income arrives at your wallet, you can exchange it for cash as you wish. All your transactions are done within your wallet and nobody else has access to it except you.

Q: Who owns Meta Force?

A: Meta Force was created by Lado Okhotnikov. But once it's on the blockchain, it has no owner. It's decentralized and created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability. A Meta Force smart contract is an automatic execution algorithm. It exists within the Polygon Blockchain, the number one cryptographic currency among those with which smart contracts can be created.

Q: How many meta force referrals do I need before I can withdraw?

A: No need to request withdrawals. Your earnings go directly to your wallet and you can withdraw from it at any time. Besides, it's possible to earn without referrals through spillovers. However, spillovers are not guaranteed. You're advised to launch your own campaigns and build an active team structure in order to earn massively and consistently. Team building is the basis of growing your wealth in Meta Force

Q: What is the difference between DAI and Polygon Matic?

A: Pos Dai Stablecoin is required to activate/upgrade slots while Matic is required for Blockchain network fees

Q: How many referrals do I need to open a higher meta force level?

A: It depends on your mode of earning and what you chose to do with it. You can upgrade with earnings from spillover if it occurs before you refer anyone. You can unlock a higher level with your referral income. Or, you can even make the upgrade by funding your wallet without necessarily waiting to earn. This will boost your chances of earnings from the s6 baskets through spillovers.

Q: Can I use any other wallet apart from Trust wallet, Token Pocket or Metamask for Meta Force?

A: These are the most compatible wallets for transacting in the Force Smart Contract.

Q: If I don’t have referrals, how soon will I start receiving meta force spillovers?

A: It has no specific timeframe. It all depends on the number of transactions happening within your team.

Q: What if I can only refer 1 or 2 people, how will I make money with Meta Force?

A: As long as you work as a team, you will always earn and sustainably too. Team work pays in Meta Force Space. You can’t do it individually without help from your upline, downline or other members of the team.

Q: How many times can I cash out in a day or week?

A: You can cash out as many times as possible as long as you earn during the day/week

Q: What is the best team link for Meta Force?

A: https://meta-force.space/r/PimWFm6Llk

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