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Hi friends, I am Lado Okhotnikov. Today we have Sophie Zotova with us, and she plans to inundate me with a barrage of questions regarding Royalty NFT. Well, don't worry too much, even though we received a thousand questions, we have streamlined them down to a couple dozen so we can be focused-yet-brief, without repeating ourselves. Great. And I'll start right off with a general definition of what Royalty NFT is.

It is a status program for Royalty bonuses, implemented in an NFT format.

Royalty bonuses are awarded on the total world turnover. In the classic version, such bonuses are awarded for achievements in business development according to the marketing plan. Similarly, your active actions in marketing programs will be credited for the activity in Meta Force. You can get NFTs and charge them up, raising their status.

The NFT format further allows you to buy, sell, and merge these NFTs freely, and of course, the higher the level, the higher the payout percentage. You should know that the percentage allocated from world profits is unprecedentedly high.

Therefore, we can already see that these are very valuable, and rare NFTs. For those that want more information, we've got a separate presentation video on the Royalty NFT that I highly recommend you to watch. Now let's move on to the individual questions.

So, how can one get a Royalty NFT?

To get the NFT for the first time, you must activate level 5 or higher after launch.

And if a participant already has level 5 or higher active, will they automatically get NFT? No, technically, it doesn't work that way.

However, activating (or reactivating) any level that is 5 or higher, after the Royalty NFT launches will work, so in short, you need the activation to happen after the Royalty NFT starts.

But it could be that new members get NFTs earlier than those who had level 5 before!

Yes, but you don't have to worry about that, the way that we've designed this program means that it is not a race, and ultimately has little to no impact. In addition to 5 levels in the Classic program, you need 3500 SFC to reach level 1 in the Royalty NFT. Is this up-to-date information?


SFC tokens, which you can only obtain before the Royalty NFT program starts, can be used as Energy. More specifically, 3500 Energy is required to reach the 1st status, Activator.

And then there's no way to get SFCs after that?

Then there will be other tokens that have a lower ratio to Energy.

What does charging the NFT mean?

Think of it as powering up the NFT with charge, once a certain amount has been reached, it will 'level-up', so to speak. Once it has accumulated enough charge to reach NFT status levels, you will get a percentage of Royalty bonuses from the product's global turnover. When people buy five levels in Classic, they get 155 SFC, which equals 155 Energy tokens.

And for the minimum of the statuses, he needs 3,500. So how should he be with his small amount of Energy?

There will be many ways to charge the NFT, both active and passive. Activating levels in all programs will give you Energy. But there will also be other activities in the various programs and products that we implement. In addition, you can sell your NFT that has been charged with Energy on the free market. Or, conversely, buy from other members to charge your NFT.

If a person has both SFC and SFC-R, can they use both tokens to activate level 1 in NFT? Yes, but these tokens have different conditions.

SFC has no additional requirements, and SFC-R has to be secured by product volume. We'll describe the details soon once the product development is complete. Can a person buy SFC?

No, the only way to get SFC was by activating matrix slot levels during the period before the Royalty NFT program launched. Later, as I said, there will be a counterpart that gives Energy with a lower equivalent than the SFC.

Can a person send SFC or SFC-R from one wallet to another?

No, you cannot transfer these tokens. However, you can charge Energy into your status NFT with SFC, and that NFT is both tradable, and/or can be merged into one (based on the owner's preference).

As for why not, from the point of view of the general marketing system, such a possibility has vulnerabilities. Will we have other options for getting Energy tokens other than activating matrix program levels?

Some people are specifically interested in passive income.

Yes. Besides buying levels, there will be other ways to get Energy tokens, both active and passive.

As I said earlier, buying and selling NFTs containing Energy is possible.

You can accumulate such NFTs, merge several into one, and gradually increase your status while not participating in any other programs. So if I'm only interested in Royalty NFTs, I'm not interested in levels above 5th? The more levels, the more you can charge up your NFT. If you have more levels, you get more SFC, which is used as Energy for status NFT.

Is it possible to get more than one NFT for being active in the matrix program?

For Level 5 (and above), you can only get one NFT, but you can receive an unlimited amount of Energy for each level activation. You can reach Activator status with Energy and get another new NFT, a process that you can repeat. What's more, after collecting three NFTs with Activator status you will be able to combine them into one that has the next (higher) status level, and that's how you can develop further!

What type of NFT would that be, and would it be possible to sell it in other NFT markets, like OpenSea?

Status NFTs that give Royalty bonuses are associated with the Royalty NFT program, and these are free to be traded (purchased and sold).

Opensea's site is planned for a start-up. More information will come soon Many people have multiple accounts and have SFC in each account, and as the required SFC is quite high, I can foresee that many people may have difficulties reaching the required SFC on one account, even if they owned enough SFC, but spread over all their accounts.

As you mentioned that SFC is not tradeable, how can people in such a situation use their SFC? *This is because you mentioned that it is impossible to trade/transfer SFC directy.

As I mentioned earlier, charging the NFT with SFC is the solution. This is because the NFTs themselves are tradeable, and when you trade them, the energy charged on the NFTs is retained. And of course, you can then merge two or more of the NFTs into one.

Ok, so it may be beneficial for us to go over what merging is. Yes, I understand that.

A merge is an amalgamation. You take several NFTs, they're burned, and in their place, one NFT is created that sums up the Energy in the burned NFTs. Does the Royalty Bonus income only accrue on NFTs having one of the statuses?

Yes. But because of the free market and the ability to buy, sell, and merge, as you can see, we expect that there will be a lot of interest in the NFTs, even those without status.

Keep in mind that statuses aren't easy to achieve (you really have to earn them), and in the future, it will be even more complex.

It should be so that their accruals don't decrease and the value of the NFTs is higher. Thank you for your responses.

Just a reminder, friends, that we were discussing questions posed by those already familiar with the presentation of the program.

If you haven't seen it, watch the video in which Lado describes Royalty NFT in sequence.

Are the questions done yet? As of today, I think so. Okay, but I think people will have more questions. We'll collect them on the Q&A page. And, Sofie, letโ€™s say the final phrase.

We are with you โ€” Force!


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